Mogg over May?-No Way!

Just when you thought the Conservative Party could not get any further away from public consensus they rate Rees-Mogg as the best successor to May.

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Calling him a Victorian man is nowhere like the truth. This man stays true to his morals, which must be commended, but Jesus Christ it is incredible to see anyone still in government which disagrees on anything liberal unless it is economics. Most MPs would not oppose all welfare reforms along LGBT rights and women’s rights, but Rees-Mogg has managed to consistently vote against the welfare state and rights of minorities. Let me introduce some stats:

  • Voted to remove the duty on the Commission for Equality and Human Rights to work to support the development of a society where people’s ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination and there is respect for human rights.
  • Voted 4 times against Marriage Equality
  • Voted to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998 (Obviously as the EU made us finally enshrine human rights, but how dare they oppose our own sovereignty!!)
  • Voted against making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of caste

In terms of the welfare state, he also voted to reduce housing benefit, opposed raising welfare benefits and higher benefits for those who are disabled but still trying to find a job.[1]

Now on to the fun part. Rees-Mogg is a Catholic and therefore argues that it would be against what he has taken from the Bible as morally acceptable in terms of abortions. Of course the fundamental argument here is that he is a man, and no matter what straight men think, it is not down to you to deny a woman a right to her own body, whether that child is yours or not, the woman has to carry it for nine fucking months. But on top of that, he has recently been found out to have invested £5m in an Indonesian company which produces abortion bills.[2] Therefore he has a very vested interest in opposing abortion, as well as a ‘moral’ one too! How lucky.

Inspiration for this post has obviously come from the disgusting scenes at the UWE talk the MP was hosting. It is clear, even if the right are blind to it, that the #whiteshirtman threw a punch at one of the female protestors. The contradiction by the Tories calling for more freedom of speech by taking away safe spaces at university which attempting to push through an act which would see these protesters arrested in the future is just absurd. These safe spaces are unequivocally integral to combat anxiety and to help comfort. It is very easy to argue against them if you have never been decimated against or sexually harassed before. Ultimately they make no difference to university life for the majority, but do a substantial job for those in need of them. Jo really is a Johnson.

Now of course I know that some people, well the majority apparently, will not agree with socialist values, he is as entitled to his conservatism as I am to socialism. But come on. This man has voted against laws trying to stop discrimination. Even if equal marriage goes against what you have interpreted from your religion, how can anyone in the 21st Century deny people equality? How can you deny the people who need extra help in order to live and money which is vital to them in order to succeed? And how can anyone deny people of protection by eradicating their rights as a human?

It is clear to see how different Rees-Mogg’s political and moral code is so different to millennials. It is not just a shame that he still has substantial support in the party but also with the public, it is also a massive threat. This man could do more harm to the majority of us than any European bureaucrat, immigrant or Trump! Watch this character with an unequivocal eye.

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[1] All taken from



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