An open letter to the Bradley Bunch


Of course, this family has the values were predominate in the 1970s just like the TV show. The only thing is that they’re completely made up by white, heterosexual men without disability who thinks that by having an equalities conference, the labour party somehow is discriminating against them…

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I understand that it must be hard now that women are taking a stand against the dominance of your office lad-culture, where you have little degrading chats about women’s peculiars. Or when you’re all together with your students mates talking about some “absolute fitties,” before going out on a ‘hard one’ yet only coming back with “a decent one, to be fair;” whilst not understanding that you’re being a twat. It must be hard to know that women could do your job just as good if not better than yourself. I feel sympathy for you if your masculinity could be effected so much due to women now having a voice. Don’t get me wrong women still have a fight because you’re being quite stubborn, which is funny because that’s actually one trait you’ve placed on women in the past when they wouldn’t listen to you!

The hypocrisy that you spew when you attack the equalities conference is ridiculous. Theresa May herself supports the Women2Win campaign where they aim to get women into top class, conservative positions. OR do you forget this because May is a woman, and you’d much rather have Mogg?

There’s a long way to go. Women are still under represented in politics and in major corporations. It took until 1997 for female MPs to make up a third of the lower house. Furthermore, 17.3% of FTSE 100 directorships are women. There is a gross disproportion of women in the highest paid positions in both the public and private sphere.

Likewise, I understand that it is so hard to see men holding hands down the street as that is a direct assault on your own fragile masculinity. How dare two people who you don’t know and will never see again tease you? They’re ok with their sexuality, which is not ok because you are not stable enough with your own. You have to show your mates that ‘not a fag,’ so you begin to shout abuse at these two men before turning back to reminiscing about that ‘sweet poontang.’

I can’t even write this without cringing; it’s all true…

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Experience of hate crimes based upon sexuality has risen by 78% in the last two years. With 29% of LGBT people avoiding certain streets in order to feel safe. This is not a way to live, yet there are still a large amount of people who comment on the way we live our lives. Comments on twitter or in the streets force some to state that their partner is their sibling in order not to provoke a homophobic attack when we’re buying bottles of wine at the till.

In terms of skin-colour, I do not have the right to state what it must have been like, and is still like for people from different ethnicities, but I can at least recognise the discrimination they have had to bare.  If you chose to still be xenophobic after all these years then there is no hope for you. There is no threat from someone with different skin colour to you. It is inconceivable for anyone to hate or fear anyone due to their skin colour and truly mind boggling how this is still makes up the largest amount of hate crime. Of course all hate crime is disgusting but in 2017 there were nearly 63,000 recordings of hate crime based on race. Compared to 10,000 on sexuality and 6,000 on disability. It is clear that BME people not only still see the most amount of hate but also the worst types.

LGBT people in the UK, like many women, the disabled and BME people too, are still living in fear of their own safety due to the actions and rhetoric spewed out by the real minority. It is ridiculous how much fear you have over the growing success of the ‘minorities’ which you keep ridiculing. Don’t you understand that if someone is better than you at your job you’re shit and move aside? There is nothing that should stand in the way of success, which includes your fear of the other. Your religious, racial, sexual and gender based xenophobia will be fought against by the many.

Now if you’re reading this letter as a white, hetero man please do not just presume that this is you, or that I hate your creed. Don’t get me wrong you only show that side of yourself when you’re not in a group of lads. There’s the problem, lad culture and social conservatism. Majority of my closest friends and family are of course still made up of you. You’re brilliant, funny and are kind. You’re some of the best allies for people from minorities, like Fred Pethick-Lawrence. The majority of you have been so supportive like my dad and all my mates from rugby and home. Show compassion. We all have it in us; probably even Mogg and Bradley.



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