An open letter to the Bradley Bunch


Of course, this family has the values were predominate in the 1970s just like the TV show. The only thing is that they’re completely made up by white, heterosexual men without disability who thinks that by having an equalities conference, the labour party somehow is discriminating against them…

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I understand that it must be hard now that women are taking a stand against the dominance of your office lad-culture, where you have little degrading chats about women’s peculiars. Or when you’re all together with your students mates talking about some “absolute fitties,” before going out on a ‘hard one’ yet only coming back with “a decent one, to be fair;” whilst not understanding that you’re being a twat. It must be hard to know that women could do your job just as good if not better than yourself. I feel sympathy for you if your masculinity could be effected so much due to women now having a voice. Don’t get me wrong women still have a fight because you’re being quite stubborn, which is funny because that’s actually one trait you’ve placed on women in the past when they wouldn’t listen to you!

The hypocrisy that you spew when you attack the equalities conference is ridiculous. Theresa May herself supports the Women2Win campaign where they aim to get women into top class, conservative positions. OR do you forget this because May is a woman, and you’d much rather have Mogg?

There’s a long way to go. Women are still under represented in politics and in major corporations. It took until 1997 for female MPs to make up a third of the lower house. Furthermore, 17.3% of FTSE 100 directorships are women. There is a gross disproportion of women in the highest paid positions in both the public and private sphere.

Likewise, I understand that it is so hard to see men holding hands down the street as that is a direct assault on your own fragile masculinity. How dare two people who you don’t know and will never see again tease you? They’re ok with their sexuality, which is not ok because you are not stable enough with your own. You have to show your mates that ‘not a fag,’ so you begin to shout abuse at these two men before turning back to reminiscing about that ‘sweet poontang.’

I can’t even write this without cringing; it’s all true…

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Experience of hate crimes based upon sexuality has risen by 78% in the last two years. With 29% of LGBT people avoiding certain streets in order to feel safe. This is not a way to live, yet there are still a large amount of people who comment on the way we live our lives. Comments on twitter or in the streets force some to state that their partner is their sibling in order not to provoke a homophobic attack when we’re buying bottles of wine at the till.

In terms of skin-colour, I do not have the right to state what it must have been like, and is still like for people from different ethnicities, but I can at least recognise the discrimination they have had to bare.  If you chose to still be xenophobic after all these years then there is no hope for you. There is no threat from someone with different skin colour to you. It is inconceivable for anyone to hate or fear anyone due to their skin colour and truly mind boggling how this is still makes up the largest amount of hate crime. Of course all hate crime is disgusting but in 2017 there were nearly 63,000 recordings of hate crime based on race. Compared to 10,000 on sexuality and 6,000 on disability. It is clear that BME people not only still see the most amount of hate but also the worst types.

LGBT people in the UK, like many women, the disabled and BME people too, are still living in fear of their own safety due to the actions and rhetoric spewed out by the real minority. It is ridiculous how much fear you have over the growing success of the ‘minorities’ which you keep ridiculing. Don’t you understand that if someone is better than you at your job you’re shit and move aside? There is nothing that should stand in the way of success, which includes your fear of the other. Your religious, racial, sexual and gender based xenophobia will be fought against by the many.

Now if you’re reading this letter as a white, hetero man please do not just presume that this is you, or that I hate your creed. Don’t get me wrong you only show that side of yourself when you’re not in a group of lads. There’s the problem, lad culture and social conservatism. Majority of my closest friends and family are of course still made up of you. You’re brilliant, funny and are kind. You’re some of the best allies for people from minorities, like Fred Pethick-Lawrence. The majority of you have been so supportive like my dad and all my mates from rugby and home. Show compassion. We all have it in us; probably even Mogg and Bradley.


Mogg over May?-No Way!

Just when you thought the Conservative Party could not get any further away from public consensus they rate Rees-Mogg as the best successor to May.

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Calling him a Victorian man is nowhere like the truth. This man stays true to his morals, which must be commended, but Jesus Christ it is incredible to see anyone still in government which disagrees on anything liberal unless it is economics. Most MPs would not oppose all welfare reforms along LGBT rights and women’s rights, but Rees-Mogg has managed to consistently vote against the welfare state and rights of minorities. Let me introduce some stats:

  • Voted to remove the duty on the Commission for Equality and Human Rights to work to support the development of a society where people’s ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination and there is respect for human rights.
  • Voted 4 times against Marriage Equality
  • Voted to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998 (Obviously as the EU made us finally enshrine human rights, but how dare they oppose our own sovereignty!!)
  • Voted against making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of caste

In terms of the welfare state, he also voted to reduce housing benefit, opposed raising welfare benefits and higher benefits for those who are disabled but still trying to find a job.[1]

Now on to the fun part. Rees-Mogg is a Catholic and therefore argues that it would be against what he has taken from the Bible as morally acceptable in terms of abortions. Of course the fundamental argument here is that he is a man, and no matter what straight men think, it is not down to you to deny a woman a right to her own body, whether that child is yours or not, the woman has to carry it for nine fucking months. But on top of that, he has recently been found out to have invested £5m in an Indonesian company which produces abortion bills.[2] Therefore he has a very vested interest in opposing abortion, as well as a ‘moral’ one too! How lucky.

Inspiration for this post has obviously come from the disgusting scenes at the UWE talk the MP was hosting. It is clear, even if the right are blind to it, that the #whiteshirtman threw a punch at one of the female protestors. The contradiction by the Tories calling for more freedom of speech by taking away safe spaces at university which attempting to push through an act which would see these protesters arrested in the future is just absurd. These safe spaces are unequivocally integral to combat anxiety and to help comfort. It is very easy to argue against them if you have never been decimated against or sexually harassed before. Ultimately they make no difference to university life for the majority, but do a substantial job for those in need of them. Jo really is a Johnson.

Now of course I know that some people, well the majority apparently, will not agree with socialist values, he is as entitled to his conservatism as I am to socialism. But come on. This man has voted against laws trying to stop discrimination. Even if equal marriage goes against what you have interpreted from your religion, how can anyone in the 21st Century deny people equality? How can you deny the people who need extra help in order to live and money which is vital to them in order to succeed? And how can anyone deny people of protection by eradicating their rights as a human?

It is clear to see how different Rees-Mogg’s political and moral code is so different to millennials. It is not just a shame that he still has substantial support in the party but also with the public, it is also a massive threat. This man could do more harm to the majority of us than any European bureaucrat, immigrant or Trump! Watch this character with an unequivocal eye.

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[1] All taken from


Grab ‘em by their hate! – Transphobia in the media.

How can we fight austerity if we do not even recognise the sex of a person?

It is common that the media report certain rises in trends when there is celebrity that raises concerns about it. Usually they are about healthier diets. But within the last year there have been two significant developments in the war for gender equality. Weinstein, Dr Nassar and a number of probable rapists, like literally 100% certain but just in case this comes back to sting me because after all we have to understand that every allegation must be seen with respect, have been found out due to the courageous women and men who decided that the monster’s should pay. The infamous #MeToo has been used to show solidarity of victims and shed light on the obvious misogyny which still dominates society. With the ‘President’s Club’ scandal that has popped up within the last week its clear to see that over the course of the near future more and more victims are going to show the middle finger to harassers.

I could obviously go on in so much more detail, which this case deserves, but there are many allies and victims who are shedding light on this issue, and very few discussing the issue of the transphobia report by Stonewall.

The report is saddening. The battles for LGB and women’s rights are far from over, but it seems like the fight for the remaining T has barely begun. The only Act of Parliament which discusses rights of transgender people is the Gender Recognition Act 2004. Should we throw a party that we passed this act over a decade ago? Not really, more of raise a glass in homage. This is due to the fact that the legislation enable only a few transgender people to be recognised. This was in itself based upon the grounds that being transgender meant that you had a… wait for it… mental illness. So this act quite obviously needs reform, even if its intentions were nice.

Transphobia can be found everywhere, even if you address the person by the wrong gender pronoun. Queue the lib-tards snowflake siren going off again; but what needs to be understood is the fact that after all of the struggles this transgender person has gone through, a little comment such as that could send them into a pit of anxiety and isolation from who they really are again. The effect of this can be seen in an interview, within the Stonewall report, with Willow who stated that such things were causing her “acute anxiety in my daily life.” It is vitally important therefore that these issues are spoken about in the media, so to raise awareness. 34% of transgender people have been discriminated against in cafes and bars, but most worryingly 44% avoid certain streets due to past experiences of harassment. Nearly half of transgender people have to reroute their walk into town from fear of being harassed. How can any sane person not get angry at this? It is just a shame that not every feminist, nor everyone in the LGB community, refrains from transphobia.

There’s been a lot of people ousting transphobes on twitter over the last couple of days, which in itself is beautiful. One of the most surprising findings when researching is the transphobia apparent in the Labour party. Now this is not because I am a clear advocate for the party, it is because they were the ones who implemented the legislation back in 2004, as well as civil partnerships. The party has a long and positive relationship with minorities, yet people like Jennifer James let down the side. The party member started a campaign to block all transgender women from all female shortlists. James argues that her suspension was due to the fact that they couldn’t suspend her for her ‘socialism.’ The fact that she does not realise that the party is a socialist party is worrying in itself. She later goes on to state how there is a ‘class war’ and that that is why she was gotten rid of, which actually makes sense because there is a class war, what she will probably never realise is that she is not a victim of that war but actually a transphobe. It’s like the picture Katy Hopkins tweeted with the target on her head claiming ‘this is what it feels like to be a conservative women.’ Stop suggesting like you are the victim when you are quite clearly the protagonist here!

The irony and contradiction in James’ message is terrifying. I cannot believe that after the revelations since the Saville case on misogyny and sexual harassment that any woman is unwilling to stand shoulder to shoulder to other women; especially after they stood up with you. In addition, that people from the LGB community not recognising that these people have gone through exactly the same struggles as you have, in some cases even more as they had to tell everyone their gender and sometimes their sexuality. These people have fallen victim to the same antagonists that we all have. Like my call for the progressive parties to stand together against austerity, women and the LGBT community need to stand together against harassment and a violation of rights.

Grab ‘em by their hate!

Time’s Up!

Despite the few, short years of questionable pseudo-socialism of the Blair-Brown era, Britain for the last half a century has been dominated by neo-liberal, or rather classical, economics. Thatcher and her children would deem themselves neo-liberals suggesting that they have modernised the classical ideology for the better, yet the truth in fact is that government is returning to the ‘Night-watchmen’ state of the late 19th Century. As stated before, in previous pieces, that the current government are creating an argument that will leave the public to call out for the NHS to be re-privatised, Thatcher’s wildest, wettest dream. What is more, current funding of the wider welfare state is not keeping up with demand. The conservatives have stated how in fact, they have not cut all spending in the public sector, yet the fact is that they are still not under-delivering in comparison of what they should.

Owen Jones, in his definitive book The Establishment, states how the ‘neo-liberal’ movement were only ever allowed to move in for the kill when the cracks of the post-war consensus were begging to show. Instead of attempting to reform the problem, a tactic used by Major after Thatcher’s administration, the right-wing think tanks and media moved in for the wholesale slaughter of the only representation many workers had; the Unions, as well as the vital public sector services. Now is the time for the pro-welfare state activists, supporter and politicians to act. When the post-war consensus broke down, Thatcherism took over. Now the conservatives have taken working class families and welfare state to the brink of collapse. Now is time that those who oppose austerity should take over. This was highlighted in the news this month when tweets from 2012, posted by Ben Brady showed that he suggested mass vasectomy for working class people. There are three main areas where the effects of austerity are clear; homelessness, unemployment and mental health.

In terms of homelessness I have again already posted a blog article on here attacking the disgusting comments made by Windsor town council leader. Yet again it is a sign that the government is failing their people. The homeless charity Shelter conducted their annual research into homelessness in 2017, stating that around 307,000 people are homeless. One in every two-hundred. This is a rise of 13,000 in just a year alone. 4,700 people are reported as rough sleepers, with the highest ratio being in Birmingham, where 1:88 are homeless. Of course these statistics included people living in temporary accommodation, as well as homeless shelters and rough-sleeping. However there is no doubt that an increase in homelessness is the clearest sign of a failing economy. Thatcher argued that the rate of unemployment and the failing public sector of the 1970s was an indication of a need for change, now her own liberal economic strategies are proving even more damaging to services. Liberal economics promotes laissez-faire, free market capitalism, allowing the market to regulate itself and leaving the government out of any and every business. Now, for market growth, there does need to be freedom for fluctuations, which ultimately are good. However supporters of classical liberal economics demand total freedom, no control, allowing for the rich to dominate the market and stop growth of smaller business, placing a glass roof over anyone whom has not been born into wealth. Although, as Jones describes, liberalism could be seen as elite socialism, creating jobs and money for those already born into the establishment, it must be reiterated that ‘liberal economics’ is very different than liberal social politics. A sort of reverse Robin Hood, as I like to think about it, taking money from the poor, including money from services vital for their very existence, and giving it to the rich, who once were held more accountable for their gross bonuses and paycheques.

The Conservatives would try to tell you that unemployment is at its lowest since the 1970s, which in itself is ironic as it was the last decade of true socialism. “Fake news!” The official percentage is 4.5% of the population being unemployed, yet the real number is 8.83 million of us, around 21.5% according to The Business Insider. People who are taking time off work, are stay at home parents or have given up looking for work do not count as unemployed, yet technically are. Although this has not really changed in recent years, it is the myth-busting the website has produced which is why the true rate of unemployment is so significant.

The next topic, as I’m sure many of you who are reading this, is personal to me as I have been one of the millennials who have had their own battle with anxiety and depression. Of course, any commentator might suggest that the number rate of people diagnosed with these illnesses is due to the fact that society has become a culture of ‘snowflakes.’ Not only is ‘snowflake’ a very offensive word with historically racist epitomes, but as a society we have just become more aware of the effects of words and policies. The real reason for this ‘increase’ of diagnosis, is the fact that people have the confidence to express their emotions. A quarter of adults will experience depression or anxiety directly. The free-market only enables and enhances the development of depression. This is through the pressure of ‘making it’ that the laissez-faire style economics promotes. There is a direct link between poverty, or being in the lower, socio-economic groups and depression. Not being able to afford clothes, food, bills and toys for your children at Christmas let alone random times throughout the year. The pressure of how your child dresses whilst at school, or the knee-sliding school discos. Constantly comparing yourselves to other parents. Even if you don’t have any children, the constant comparisons to those in the media or friends who have ‘made it,’ due to their flashy new car, could lead to these illnesses. No wonder suicide is the most common cause of death for 18-34 year olds. The lack of money caused by those who have started with none, and the inability for social mobility created by the Conservatives has a direct impact on depression and anxiety.

Ben Brady, like the majority of conservative voters, think tanks and politicians have kept up the rhetoric that poor people are there because they do not work hard enough, and rely on other people’s money. Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that one day, you run out of other people’s money.” Disgusting and untrue, the country is currently still listening to this dogma. The stagnant economy of the 1970s brought in the Tories, now there is a consensus produced by the economic crash, established in 2010 with the coalition government. This has to be beaten back. Austerity is not the answer now. There is a working and middle-class crisis. Even if many are blind to it as they are not currently struggling, soon the 99% will be struggling. The hardest working people, with the greatest anxieties and the greatest fight in front of them need the total equality of opportunity, rather than the stricter inability for social mobility. The problems economic-liberalism produces has more than just an effect on the poor becoming poorer; it’s causing long-term, deep depression which concludes in someone, a human, taking their own life.

Time’s Up!

Fill the gap. Concerning that vacant seat at the cross-party, anti-Brexit meeting.

This is going to cause me some trouble I can tell.

Two things this week have triggered me to ask a couple of questions to, quite frankly our best hope of stopping austerity, Jeremy Corbyn. Before I go on, as stated before I am in favour of any progressive party, with close family ties to the Labour party, yet scrutiny is a must for progression. I am lucky enough to be a friend of Leanne Wood on Facebook due to the fact that our families have been neighbours in Penycraig for generations, and of course I support her views on greater decentralisation to Wales and anti-austerity. This week Ms Wood confirmed what I had been trying to ignore for years now; the fact that Welsh Labour are not effective enough.

At a Plaid Cymru speech in Cardiff on Monday, Ms Wood stated that Plaid would reverse Labour’s “lack-luster” and “unambitious” tendencies in the Welsh Assembly and in Westminster. Wood is right on the ball here. Labour do a good job at defending the many against the few in England, but they have totally forgotten about the ‘other parts’ of the UK. Wales have been absolutely vital to any success Labour have achieved at voting time, but it seems that Labour will not “empower the people, because they do not trust the people.” For any success in the future Corbyn needs to invest in and assist the socialist movement in Wales.

We have always been the forerunners in the welfare state, from Lloyd-George’s ‘War on Poverty’ to Nye Bevan’s creation of the NHS. The lack of thought that Labour is giving Wales at this moment will take its toll in time if not currently addressed, even though they hold the majority in the assembly. Wood went further, stating that Welsh Labour are “leaving behind the community,” yet I believe they are leaving their roots behind. My great-grandmother, or Mam Gard as we used to call her, was a Labour councillor and hopeful mayor of Rhondda until she lost her fight with cancer. She epitomised everything about Welsh support for the party, a tea-addict, wife of a coal-miner and voice of the community. Like her the rest of us Welsh are proud, social warriors, fighting for equality, so much so that I can keep on adding names of Welsh figures which have proved vital to the Co-operative, Labour and Liberal movements until nearly everyone in Welsh history were added. Investiture into Wales will mean a stronger UK.

‘Two hands. That’s what the Labour movement means, should mean. You support me. I support you. Whoever you are. Where ever you come from. Shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand.’

These effectively are just some of the words that changed my outlook on life. They feature in the film Pride. Queue the link of nationality and sex to the reference. Yet again they mean just as much now as they did during the strikes or the creation of the unions. Surprisingly, it is Labour who needs to remember this. Again, I am a Labour/ Plaid voter, but this needs to be said. There was a question on BBC’s Question Time last week in London: ‘Why don’t Labour use the General Election as a second referendum?’ 79% of Labour supporters want a second referendum. 65% of Labour voted remain. 53% of Wales want another referendum, with a majority of 5% voting remain this time around.[1] The evidence is concrete, align with the other progressive, anti-Brexit, anti-austerity parties and use combined power to give the people what they now want. Without going too far into Brexit as, although it is vitally important, there are far too many commentaries. But one thing is important, there is a clear indication from these polls that the situation as well as voting decisions have changed and so should Labour’s “lack-luster” defence of the EU. When will Corbyn support the rest of the opposition to block the government?

C(The damaging photograph of the vacant seat, courtesy of @CarolineLucas)

[1] All taken from various YouGov polls. Here’s the link to the website:

Britain is ‘at breaking point’ and it’s not about immigration. Why we need to properly fund the NHS.

‘Discontent arises from a knowledge of the possible, as contrasted to the actual.’

These are the words of my greatest hero, Nye Bevan, of course founder of the NHS, Britain’s greatest peacetime achievement. But they still have great meaning today.

I have discontent with the way the Tories are failing time and time again to properly, efficiently fund the NHS. My knowledge of the possible is that it can be done. We can fund the NHS efficiently, in order so patients aren’t being treated in corridors.

Let’s be honest, right now few things could be worse than the ‘actual,’ but this just means that we can save the NHS. The NHS have had to cancel thousands of operations due to the lack of funding, despite Hunt describing them as ‘better prepared than ever.’ Before Christmas Day, hospitals were already recording more than 95% bed occupancy.

Recently me and one of my best mates were talking, suddenly he comes out with “the government are doing all they can to force the NHS to go private. The way things are going there is no choice but to sell.” Although this is very sad, it’s very true. This is not just the opinion of a couple of guys in a coffee shop, Jim Mackey, the head of NHS Improvements stated that ‘things are looking tight’ heading into 2017’s winter. He told this to the Health Committee. Nothing was done. Less money than before. Less provisions. Still no resignation or firing of Hunt from his post. What is more, the chief executive of NHS Provisions, Chris Hopson, back in early October 2017 told the NewStatesmen that the NHS was ‘stuck deep in the red zone’ and needing a rubber dingy thrown to it otherwise it would drown. Still not enough funding.

‘It [the NHS] will last as long as there are folk left with their faith to fight for it’ – AB

Unfortunately it seems like Hunt and May would rather put their faith in free-market economics, leaving the NHS stranded to be bought up by men with big briefcases full of hard cash. But who cares? Their corporate mates will be the ones who buy up the poor NHS, their mates will also do them a favour in return, isn’t that how a deregulated market produces?

Anyway enough of my opinion on free market economics. The NHS is becoming ever so near to its very own breaking point. How many more experts, officials or nurse’s stories do this government have to listen to until they final recognise that there is a problem with the lack of funding for the NHS, and that we have the money to put into it? £1bn for Northern Ireland, £350 million a week from the EU…

‘No amount of cajolery can eradicate from my heart the deep burning of hatred for the Tory party’ – AB.

“We’re all human”

These are the words of a rough sleeper in Windsor imploring for the council to retract their comments and their call for the police to remove rough sleepers from the streets in the run up to the Royal Wedding.

I’m not exactly a Royalist myself, I have nothing against the family as they know nothing else than being the royals, the younger generation have done a lot for many different charities already, including mental health charities. Yet I would like to humour Ms Wood and her comment at calling the Queen “Mrs Windsor,” it was quite funny.

Anyway to come back on track with this blog. I was planning on doing a piece about how we should make the link between Young’s advocacy for Free Schools and his backwards, misogynistic and homophobic remarks, however joining the band wagon and all that. Plus there is something more important than a middle class boys anger at how totally shit non-state schools are; homelessness. I know it is a massive topic but I will mainly be looking at rough sleepers.

I was absolutely ‘triggered’ to hear over Christmas my parents recognising the ever growing amount of homeless, rough-sleepers on the streets of sunny Bury St Edmunds, and how they were deeply saddened. Of course I wasn’t surprised at their caring as they are naturally caring people, it was the fact that anyone else noticed this. Coming back from Swansea I was surprised to see any rough sleepers in my hometown, let alone the same amount. (Not a read on either place). The first time I had taken this ever growing indication of a broken economic policy was visiting Cardiff. I, alongside the other half, have kept up-to-date watching the Cardiff based ‘Living on the streets’ documentary. We regularly see the documented rough sleepers from the show still on the streets in the city and then some. Recent counts by the city council have put the number of rough sleepers at 74 (November 2017) which is inevitably on the rise. Likewise 2,000 people are in temporary accommodation just in the city. Whereas around 7,200 houses were threatened with homelessness in 2016, a total of 313 rough sleepers and a rise of 63% of seeking emergency bedding in Wales alone. ‘Shelter Cymru’ state that austerity and benefits cuts have taken effect, yet claim that mental illness and substance abuse are the main two factors as to understand why people become homeless. YET, there is a direct link between austerity, mental illness and substance abuse, consequently homelessness also.

In terms of the hometown I did some research looking at the two main local newspapers and can I say what a fucking load of disgusting they were!

The East Anglian Daily Times ran with the headline ‘Volunteers help rough sleepers on their turf in BSE.’ ‘Their turf’ supposing these people were intruding and should be helped to fuck off. One of the volunteers stated that “I think we stop people from begging on the street at least a few days a week” which is fantastic, of course it is, anyone with a right mind would agree, yet it is the tone of the article as a whole which suggests that it eradicates a nuisance more than making sure people don’t have to go through the utter humiliation of having to beg.

The Bury Free Press is hardly better. The larger of the two ran with this subtitle: ‘A new council officer is helping ease the plight of growing rough sleepers in BSE.’ The plight. The plight. To give you the definite definition of the word ‘a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation.’ One could argue that the newspaper is stating that anyone in this situation is unfortunate. But again the tone of the rest of the column makes it abundantly clear this is not the case. In addition it could have been worded completely different to suggest that the newspaper or council had any sympathy for these people. The report also states that there are ‘24 rough sleepers in Bury St Edmunds alone.’ When seeing this statistic I immediately thought that 24 out of 30,000 is firstly abhorred to have any rough sleepers, but nowhere near as many as Cardiff; a population of 361,000. Unfortunately with the statistics previously touched upon, Cardiff’s City Council estimates 74, just 50 more than suburban Bury.

Of course I could keep writing about how austerity is the sole and overriding factor as to why so many people are homeless or rough sleepers, yet there is a much greater message to remember here. These rough sleepers are people. They are human. And there are going to be more people displaced and forced to live on the streets so there is another thing to keep in mind. Keep arguing why they ended up there, but more importantly KEEP HELPING THEM. Food, warm drinks, blankets even if nothing else change in your pocket. I’ve seen recently the media saying ‘beware of the criminal gangs imposing that they are homeless to get money off you.’ But seriously, the reason that people are forced to act like a rough sleeper is the same reason there are rough sleepers; lack of money. No one will ever be able to tell the difference unless that homeless person finishes up for the day, pulls out their car keys and drives off in a 17 plate. Just give, and remember how lucky you are to read this article on your laptop or tablet.